Charterboat Association of Puget Sound (CAPS)

CAPS COVID 19 Business and safety plan 2020


A common shared goal within the fleet is to restore business as soon as is safe. We will endeavor to provide consistent messaging regarding sanitation among the Puget Sound fleet operators. The purpose of this document is to provide standardized sanitation protocols for individual vessels and charter offices that may be included in their own individual vessel and office plans designed to cope with the public safety issues associated with the COVID 19 virus.


Charter Offices
Day Boats


The following are best practice recommendations for charter boat vessels and charter offices and has been adopted by CAPS. These are standardized recommendations that should be reviewed and implemented as the vessel owner or manager feels is appropriate for their business operations. These are intended to be common-sense recommendations (based on the best available information we have at the time).  It is important the Office Staff, Captains, and Deckhands give due regard to being safe in a marine environment. It is also important to communicate clearly to the vessel and office staff and customers what and why you are using these protocols in order to ensure compliance and positive and safe experience.

 BEST PRACTICES – Charter Offices

Notify persons who display symptoms of illness that they cannot go on a trip and should go home.
Employees should not work if feeling ill
Encourage on-line reservations and payment to reduce crowding at charter offices.
Have business social media sites outline the steps being taken to ensure good sanitation practices are in place at the office and aboard the vessels.
Have all employees trained in the DOH Sanitation Protocols and document the training.
Have staff wear face masks while in the workplace.
Regularly clean and sanitize countertops.
Have hand sanitizer available at all times for the customers and staff.
Request customers to wear face masks when social distance standards are difficult to maintain.


Prior to departure, notify passengers that anyone who does not feel well must leave the vessel.
Captain or Crew showing symptoms should not work and must find healthy replacement crewmember or contract another charter
Cleaning and Disinfection Efforts - In addition to routine cleaning and disinfection strategies, vessel crew will clean on a more frequent basis commonly touched surfaces such as handrails, countertops, doorknobs, and fishing rods between users.
Have all rails, counters, and seating areas cleaned periodically during each trip as possible but as reasonable for the circumstances.
Have hand sanitizer available at all times for customers and crew.
Request passengers to bring and wear masks when safe and practicable to do so. CDC recommends wearing a cloth face-covering in public where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.
The crew should wear a mask when safe and practical while in the close proximity of customers.
Consider the space provided for each customer when determining the maximum number of people allowed on board.
When safe and possible ensure there are 6 feet of rail space between each person.
Limit the number of passengers permitted in the cabin at any one time to provide adequate spacing unless there are safety issues such as weather or sea conditions.