Charterboat Association of Puget Sound (CAPS)

Membership Application for Charterboat Association of Puget Sound (CAPS)

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Name __________________________________________________________________ Date ___________________               
Street Address __________________________________________________________________________________                                     
 City__________________________________________________ State_______________ Zip___________________
Home Phone ___________________________________________Charter Phone________________________
Cell Phone _________________________________________ 
​Email  __________________________________________________________________________
Membership Type:
​(   )    Charter Member            $100.00 per year
​(   )    Associate Member (individual)    $25.00 per year
(   )    Associate Member (business)        $50.00 per year
(   )     Decals                    $5.00 each    
All NEW Charter Member applications must be accompanied by photocopy of:
1)    Washington State Fisheries License
2)    Coast Guard License Certificate
3)    Proof of Insurance
Vessel Name _____________________________________________________________                   
Port of Operation_________________________________________________________
Business Name of Charter Service (if any) ________________________________
Website address ___________________________________________________________
Maximum # of Passengers________________________________________________
Primary Location conducting charter from__________________________________                       
Please send completed application and check to:
720 Waverly Ave
Everett, WA  98201
Annual Dues are PAYABLE by OCTOBER 1

Charterboat Association of Puget Sound Application

Application for membership. complete and mail to CAPS