• Everett

Lisa Cepa
Why Knot Go Fish(425) 268-7704
Gary KreinAll Star Fishing Charters

(425) 252-4188

Rich Olson
Northwest Fishing Charters(425) 328-4664
Douglas Saint-DenisRidge to River Outdoors(425) 478-9133



Select the area you want to fish then contact one of the members located there.

Charterboat Association of Puget Sound (CAPS)

  • ​Port Orchard

 Lawrence St.Luce         No Worries Fishing Charters         
(253) 514-0273

  • Tacoma

Tom Lines                Tight Lines Sport Fishing(206) 878-1559

  • Seattle

Len Osborne
All Star Fishing Charters
(425) 252-4188
Mark Coleman             All Rivers & Saltwater charters(425) 736-8920
Nick KesterAll Star Fishing Charters(425) 252-4188
Matt McCullochTyee Charters(206) 799-2530
Carl NymanFish Finders Private Charters(206) 632-2611
Keith Robbins
A Spot Tail Salmon Guide
(206) 295-7031
Justin Wong
Cut Plug Charter(206) 920-9482
Jason Lee
Bow to Stern Charters
(206) 326-0354

  • Edmonds

Dale Drogseth
Ruby D Charters
(425) 501-1011
Linda Jablinske            All Seasons Charters(425) 743-9590
Steven Kesling
Adventure Charters
(206) 789-8245
Murphy PiersonPuget Sound Sports Fishing(206) 546-5710

Chris Hoag

Big King Salmon Charters


Jeff Christen
Axis Fishing Charters(425) 308-6928